In commercial kitchens, there is a limited amount of space and a whole lot of workers are usually working together at the same time. Installing separate work counters and separate storage cabinets in such a limited space is not feasible. It would only increase difficulty in working rather than reducing it. There would be chaos and confusion all around. Moreover, commercial kitchen require work tables that are highly durable and do not easily get damaged by kitchen equipment. Something that had all such attributes was not present before in the market. Therefore, this created a need and led to the creation of stainless steel tables.

In commercial as well as residential kitchens, there is a need of for a table which has the preparation of food as well as cabinets for keeping kitchen equipment like mixers, blenders, vegetable cutters, meat slicers and food cutters. To address this need, stainless steel tables were introduced in the market. Stainless steel tables are mostly used for commercial uses like restaurants, food service companies, bars, and diners. Stainless steel tables are manufactured in various categories including open base tables, tables with under-shelves and tables with enclosed cabinets to keep equipment. You can pick whichever table suits your need the best. Stainless steel tables supplied by the Gulf Trading are manufactured using top quality stainless steel. These tables are available in various sizes and styles. You can easily pick the one that seems suitable for your work-space.


Open Base Stainless Steel TablesAs their name suggests, open base stainless steel tables have enough space to store food ingredients, cutlery and equipment. The space is usually beneath the top of its counter. For compact work space where there is usually not enough room for keeping dishes, pans, and other equipment, open base tables would be perfect.Tables with Under-shelvesTables with under-shelves usually have shelves beneath the tables to store utensils, cutlery, supplies and more. These tables are available in a plethora of sizes to fit any area. These can resist heat, sunlight, humidity and rain for short time periods, but would start deterring if kept for longer period. Therefore, it is advised to keep them indoors. Tables with under-shelves can bear cleaver hits or meat tenderizer without any damage.

Tables with Enclosed Cabinets

Tables with enclosed cabinets either come with hinged doors, sliding doors or without doors. Top quality steel stainless steel is utilized for their manufacturing. This is why these stainless tables are extremely durable. These tables have wide cabinets for maximum storage. These tables have bullet which keep the table stable and maintain its balance. These tables are available in a plethora of sizes, giving you the ease of picking the one that suits your needs. When it comes to durability, tables with enclosed cabinets are the epitome of it. These tables are resistant to any dents or scratches. Moreover, their counters are designed in such a way that they do not produce any sound if hit by any kitchen equipment.