Important Aspects To Consider

For An Efficient Kitchen

This has always been the question asked of us since the beginning of 2004 whenever we met chefs, food service consultants or architects .Gulf Trading zeroes in on seven basic categories of commercial kitchen equipment with the utmost competence, keeping in mind the quality of its products…


Safety is crucial when it comes to the daily operations in a kitchen & that’s why we work hand in hand with our client to ensure design & products that are up to the highest standards in the industry.


Our expert design team carefully layout the mobility for the staff working in the kitchen so that minimal time is wasted & space is utilized to move materials quickly & smoothly. Conducting operations in a busy restaurant is vital, especially in a kitchen & this is where Gulf Enterprises lays down its expertise.


Hygiene is of the utmost importance for Gulf Enterprises. We put a lot of emphasis on the fabrication of our stainless steel quality grade so our customers can get the most bang for their buck. Sourcing of material & welding are given their due diligence so that they can achieve zero level bacterial contamination.

Our Expertise