Residential Flooring

For the residential sector, GE has a plethora of collections; Luxury Vinyl Tile, Cement based, Axminster Carpet, Solid & Laminated Wood. Leaving no stone unturned, Gulf Enterprises creates an atmosphere that will feel cozy & comfortable. We also provide decorative epoxy that will give a unique and fresh look to your garage, kitchen or washroom.

Commercial Office Flooring

It is vital to have a work environment that promotes productivity & GE has the expertise to increase that by offering a range of collections that enhances the look & feel of the environment. We provide Raised Access Flooring, Carpet tiles, Cement based flooring, Solid & Laminated Wood Flooring.

Sports Clubs, Gyms & Playgrounds

It is of the utmost importance to have a durable & long lasting floor when it comes to sports grounds and gyms as the heavy weight of dumbbell and the sheer force of running back to back has a high impact on the floor. That’s why we at GE have in our arsenal a range of flooring solutions to combat this issue. We provide Sports Vinyl flooring, Rubber flooring, Polyurethane flooring &Artificial grass.

Industrial Usage

With the usage of harsh chemicals in the factories & the sturdiness of the floor for warehouses, we at GE supply & install the unbeatable epoxy & polyurethane floor. They are resistant to chemical & oil spills, slip resistance & long lasting.