When it comes to giving your home a facelift, carpets are a great place to start. That’s because carpets as flooring are a quick and convenient way to give a boost to a whole room.

Carpets come in many different styles and patterns, of course, but carpets also come in different carpet types which are all useful for different kinds of flooring situations.

Wool carpets are the traditional carpet choice, being hardwearing and very soil resistant carpets. These carpets look good for a long time, and sometimes come with synthetic materials blended into them for extra carpet durability.

Synthetic carpets come in a number of kinds, with carpets stocked by Gulf Trading made of both polypropylene and polyamide. Carpets made of polypropylene are a fantastic carpeting choice in areas where there may be a lot of spills on the flooring, because these carpets are manufactured in such a way that they can even be cleaned with a solution of bleach.

Polyamide carpets make great flooring because they are both tough and available in bright colours and lively patterns.

You can choose your carpets and flooring in several types of pile, too – that’s the part of the carpet that sticks up and gives the carpet texture.

Mosque Carpet –Specialized in the Mosque Carpet our Company has quality, variety and flexibility
that can meet all kinds of your meets. Wall to Wall Wool carpets for mosque with 40 years of lifetime, Acrylic mosque carpet with 20 years of lifetime, economic polypropylene mosque carpets, single wool, acrylic, polypropylene and velvet prayer rugs – all of them can obtained from our company. We have an opportunity to product in special color, size, design an quality that you want. Consult us all kind of your needs for Mosque Carpets and Prayer rugs.

Exhibition carpets – Exhibition carpet is designed as a temporary floor covering for exhibition stands, exhibition galleries, showrooms and various events. Standard delivered in 2 meters wide rolls with the pile on the inside, our exhibition carpet is easy to install and re-roll. Depending on the quality, the length of the rolls varies from of 30-60 running meters.

Needle punched exhibition carpet: inexpensive and of excellent quality

Our exhibition carpet is made of polypropylene needle punch. The combination of good value for money with fine qualities is the foundation to the success of our events and exhibition carpet. Within the extensive GTR collection you can always count on a large supply of qualities and colors.

More and more exhibition organizations impose fire-resistant standards. Therefore, most of our exhibition carpet qualities are available in a fire-retardant version.

Ax minister carpet – An Ax minster carpet is synonymous with quality and luxury, and all authentic Ax minster carpets are still woven using natural materials and traditional methods.Part of the base of the carpet is the Jute ‘weft’ which is passed between alternate parallel cotton ‘warps’.The wool yarn is fed into carriers which are controlled by a jacquard.  A color is selected by the jacquard, which causes the corresponding yarn to be offered up by the carrier to a gripper.The grippers then draw the pre-selected lengths of yarn which are cut by a series of knives.  The resulting tufts are positioned between the warps by the grippers, and retained by each pass of the weft.