Gulf Trading with years of experience in the flooring industry also provides & installs the top-of-the-range entrance matting solution. With an extensive portfolio which consists of :

1. Roll Up Technical Matts :

Construction: GTR matting is made of heavy duty dust barrier carpet strips, inserted in mill aluminium profile sections. These sections are linked together with soft PVC strips. Rubber strips laid under the profiles also deaden traffic noise.

Description :
Maintenance : Dirt passes between the profiles and falls into the matwell. The mat can easily be rolled up for vacuuming.

Rolls up / Attractive and decorative / Made to measure

Traffic: Frequent

Open structure: Dirt falls into the matwell

Brush Purpose: Scrapes Location: Indoor/ Outdoor Polyamide 6.6 Tufted polyamide carpet

Purpose: Scrapes – Absorbs up to 6.5 l/m²

Location: Indoor

2. Honeycomb Rubber Matt

Material: Solid rubber, abrasion-proof and weather-proof
Surface: Honeycomb
Underneath: Studs, 3 mm high (for water expiry)
Height: 22 mm
Colour: Black
Bottom: Closed or open
Properties: High cleaning effect. True to size, robust and easy to clean. Special for water- and snow areas suitable.
Custom made:  in every desired measure – several parts , agglutinate – triangular , trapezoidal or circularly.
Round Brushes : Easyclean Round Brush
Connectors: made of rubber for mats with open bottom
Connect – Connectors for rubber mats

3. AluProfile Matts – Top Clean Trend Ribbed Matting

Specs :
• 1,0 mm thick warp resistant aluminium profile interconnected with PVC coated AISI 316 Stainless steel wire rope.
• Seal: Rustproof special nipple with Stainless steel socket-head cap screw
• UV resistant polypropylene high density ribbed carpet
• Standard colours Ribbed carpet : Anthracite, Light Grey, Mottled Beige and Mottled Blue;
Special Colours for 17, 22, 27 mm, without surcharge: Mottled Green and Blue
• Base of mat is mechanically fitted with rubber inserts for Anti-slip and noise reduction
• Height: approx. 10, 17, 22 and 27 mm
• Profile spacing Top Clean Trend 17, 22 and 27 mm: 4, 6 und 8 mm,
Profile spacing Top Clean Trend 10 mm: only available in 4 mm profile spacing, (Spacers made of rubber)
• Dimensions: Available in any given dimensions for length of aluprofiles (left to right) and walking direction (front to back) without compensation profile. Gaps / curves and diagonal can be manufactured according to drawing or template for an extra charge.
• Profile can be supplied powder coated to any RAL.