Planning to rearrange your business space with an all new enhanced vinyl floor? In the event that changing your vinyl flooring is on your motivation, at that point it’s an ideal opportunity to make a beeline for Gulf Trading, a definitive supplier of vinyl flooring in Dubai. Our vinyl floors brag of cutting-edge innovation and have been uniquely outlined by specialists. With such an assortment of outlines, style and appearances, we have never needed to bargain on quality, cost or the accessibility of our vinyl flooring assortments. The ground surface at your home ought to be exquisite to upgrade the general look of your home. We give impact vinyl flooring tiles to a wonderful look of your home. In establishment, the ground surface boards are connected to a smooth, leveled sub-floor utilizing uncommonly defined vinyl cement. Our Vinyl flooring has high resilience to abrasion and impact damage and can be easily removed and replaced when damaged.

Homogenous Vinyl

Attractive high performance and high quality homogeneous flooring available in a non-directional or marbleised decoration and featuring an enhanced maintenance protection for optimum appearance retention. Homogeneous vinyl is made of 1 single layer that offers vibrancy and depth of color. It is incredibly durable and stain resistant which makes it a great flooring choice for heavy traffic areas

Heterogeneous Vinyl

Combining sophisticated designs with superior performance, Heterogeneous floor coverings are ideal for both commercial and residential installations. heterogeneous vinyl floors offer inventive answers for business and private utilities, and specifically, high strength for overwhelming movement applications in healing centers and schools. Tarkett heterogeneous vinyl floors include a licensed surface treatment, TopClean XP, for extraordinary solidness and simple support

Safety Vinyl

Complete safety flooring offer providing sustainable slip resistance. All Polysafe conforms to HSE Guidelines & EN 13845. They meet the highest standards of slip obstruction around the globe and accompany a lifetime managed slip opposition ensure. They are durable, stain-resistant and can stand up to extremes of temperature and physical wear and tear. So, just because your floors need to work hard shouldn’t mean they don’t look good, with a range of colors and finishes to give you real choice for any location.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Design-led and extensive collection of highly authentic wood, stone, slate, metallic and abstract designs, available in both plank and tile formats. Features realistic surface textures and polyurethane reinforcement, making it ideal for commercial and residential sectors. Available in standard and slip resistant formats. Luxury vinyl board flooring has been composed by specialists to look like hardwood flooring boards while conveying predominant water opposition and sturdiness. Vinyl board flooring is ideal for regions like restrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements where moisture is present.

Sports Vinyl

Games flooring was created to address the issues of games and wellness offices that have extraordinary ground surface prerequisites. High performance vinyl sheet sports flooring meets the sports federation requirements. Suitable for general sports halls and gymnasiums. Superior engineered sports surfaces are intended for uncompromising execution. With a wide determination of execution hardwood floors, moved vinyl floors, elastic deck, cushion and-pour frameworks, wet zone flooring, and secluded ground surface items accessible